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Virtuoso Espresso

Our Virtuoso Espresso is our unique twist on your classic traditional European style.  We wanted to make an Espresso that had the same richness and body that we all grew up having, with a slight twist.

First off this coffee is a 3 bean blend, of 3 different countries. This coffee traveled around 17,000 miles for us to create what you taste in the cup.  As for roasting each one of these unique coffee was roasted to achieve its own unique characteristic one for body and richness, one for the the deep chocolate notes and the other which is my personal favorite the subtle citrus notes that make this blend stand out from the rest. I hope you all enjoy this coffee as much as we did developing it.    

We recently submitted this coffee into Coffee Review to see how it would hold up against a panel of experts. We wanted to get their thoughts on our rendition of this European style of espresso. Needless to say we were very happy to find out that they loved it as much as we did, by scoring it a 94 point coffee. On top of that this coffee was rated one of the top 15 coffee of 2015.

Coffee Review Top 15 Coffees of 2015 

Coffee Review Assessment: Sweet-toned, round, deep.Roasted almond, dark chocolate, ripe fig, lily, and oak. Full, syrupy mouthfeel. Chocolate and fig in particular carry into a resonant, balanced finish. Fills out three parts milk with authority; more rounded fig, chocolate, and lily.

Coffee Review Score: 94